Interview at Music Information Centre Lithuania (also in Lithuanian)
Interviewed by Vitalijus Gailius (February 2022)

River Sounds: The Mythology of Eternal Flow in Electroacoustic Composition
Transcription of a paper presentation at Symposium of New Works and Research into Contemporary Composers, hosted by Department of Ethnomusicology, Nanhua University, Taiwan (July 2021)

Interview at ATTN: Magazine
Interviewed by Jack Chuter (August 2017)

‘Περιπλανήσεις σε ένα ηλεκτρικό ηχητικό σύμπαν’ [Wondering in an electric sonic universe]
book chapter in Η Εποχη του Διαστήματος: Ηλεκτρική και Ηλεκτρονική Τέχνη στην Ελλάδα (1957-1989) [Space Age: Electric and Electronic Art in Greece (1957-1989)]. ed. by Moutsopoulos, T. and Vasileiou, K., published by Asini editions (Athens, 2017)

Silentium – Exploring spirituality in electroacoustic music
Published on Sonic Field (February 2017)

On listening (as a creative task in musical performances)
Published on Sonic Field (June 2016)

What is really  going on here?
Published on EMS Network. Presented at EMS 2015 Conference at Sheffield University

A day in the life of a PhD student
Published on Coventry University Research Blog (April 2016)

In search of meaning: Reflections on folklore (co-written with Costis Drygianakis)
Published on The Travelling Archive, February 2015 (many thanks to Moushumi Bhowmik)

Recordings from the Skamba Skamba Kankliai music festival, Lithuania
Published on the British Library blog , July 2014 (many thanks to Andrea Zarza Canova)

Reflections on silence
Published on Sonic Field , October 2013 (many thanks to David Velez)

Reflections on loudness
Published on Sonic Field –  March 2013 (many thanks to David Velez)

Interview at Sonic Field
Interviewed by Miguel Isaza (November 2013)

10 years Mecha/Orga  (in Greek)
published on Avopolis , April 2013 (many thanks to Stylianos Tziritas)

Grand Union Canal at Harlesden: Willesden Junction
(audiovisual project in collaboration with Maria Papadomanolaki, Lina Velandia and David Velez)
Published on Sonic Field, April 2013


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