garso_teatras-arvydas_gudas photo by Arvydas Gudas

February 10: Fons et Origo CD presentation @ Spatial Sound Sphere, Lithuanian Music Academy (Vilnius, LT)

November 9: The Rue of Demeter, for chamber ensemble and electronics
Performed by Synaesthesis Ensemble at Čiurlionis Festival @ Museum of Applied Arts and Design (Vilnius, LT)

August 14: The Rue of Demeter, for chamber ensemble and electronics
Performed by Synaesthesis Ensemble at Kintai Music Festival (Kintai, LT)

October 12: Garso Teatras @ Juozo Miltinio theatre (Panevėžys, LT)
September 12-15: Muzika Erdvėje’19 @ Vilniaus Degtine (Vilnius, LT)
August 7: DAR Post-Residency Concert @ Druskininkų JUS (Druskininkai, LT)
June 9: Tectonics 2019 work for piano and electronics, with Lorenda Ramou (Athens, GR)
May 25: TYT @ POKŠT (Utena, LT)
March 18: Geographies of Sound conference @ Palazzo Trecchi (Cremona, IT)
March 4: Tantis @ Kirtimų kultūros centras (Vilnius, LT)

October 3: AHEAD Festival @ Menų Spaustuvė (Vilnius, LT)
September 26: Metaphonics book launch @ Iklektik (London, UK)
June 3: Tuned City @ ancient Messene (GR)
April 21: Sound Junction: Intersection II @ Firth Hall, University of Sheffield (UK)
April 14: Idryma 2.14 (Athens, GR)
March 2: Electric Nights 2018 (Athens, GR)

April 19: Jauna Muzika @ Monastery of Apostoles St. Philip and St. Jacob (Vilnius, LT)
Jan 18: Lunchtime concert series @ Coventry University (UK)

December 11: Sonic Topographies @ 6 dogs (Athens, Greece)
November 28: Sonorities Festival (Belfast, Northern Ireland)
November 19: INTIME featuring Muslab @ Coventry University (Coventry, UK)
September 20-October 7: Iš smėlio, vandens ir geležies (sound installation) for Permainu Muzika Festival @ Klaipeda Concert Hall (Klaipeda, LT)
July 23: INTIME event @ St.Andrew’s Church (Chippenham, UK)
May 28: Klingt Gut! @ HAW Hamburg (Hamburg, DE)
May 6: “H” @ Apeirono Theatre (Klaipeda, LT)
May 5: “H” @ Liudviko Rezos culture centre (Juodkrante, LT)
March 18: Aural Detritus @ The Upper Salon, Caroline of Brunswick (Brighton, UK)
March 5: An evening with… @ Lewisham Arts Centre (London, UK)
January 6: BFE/RMA Research Students’ Conference @Bangor University

December 16: DerBloedeDritteMittwoch #48 @ Rhiz (Vienna, AT)
December 12: Školská 28 (Prague, CZ)
October 24: INTIME 2015 @ Coventry University (Coventry, UK)
October 3: Cotemporal Encounters, duet with Hrvoslava Brkušić @ Kaunas Technology University (Kaunas, LT)
May 23: Idryma 2.14 (Athens, GR)
May 5:  Sound / Place Exhibition @ St. James Hatchman, Goldsmiths (London, UK)
April 8: MoKS meetings @ Y Gallerii (Tartu, EE)

November 09:  Iš arti festival, w/ Dirt Nonet @ Kauno menininkų namuose (Kaunas, LT)
October 24: In Mute 2014, live score for “Dog Star Man, part 1” by Stan Brakhage @ Onassis Culture Centre (Athens, GR)
October 11: Summer Garden Photograph w/ Dirt Nonet @ Cafe Oto (London, UK)
July 24: Forms of Ventriloquism, with Artur Vidal @ IMT (London, UK)
June 20: Sound Salute @ Contemporary Arts Centre (Vilnius, LT)
April 30: Athens Science Festival @ Technopolis (Athens, GR)
March 25: Sonicueb @ Brockley Mess (London, UK)
March 15: The Hidden with Sunil Chandy @ Holy Trinity Beckenham (London, UK)

Nov 30: Breaking the mirror of silence @ Angus-Hughes gallery (London, UK)
Sep 28: Lugus Festival w/Squetti @ Coby Dock (London, UK)
July 20: Hideous Porta #4 @ Ryan’s Bar (London, UK)
June 28: Sound Around solo & trio with Sergey Ivanov & Krzysztof Wronski (Gdansk, PL)
May 24: Gallery Cafe, presented by Ornamental Decay (London, UK)
Apr 11: 10 years anniversary concert at Orila showcase @ Frown Tails (Athens, GR)
Apr 06: Karel (Brussels, BE)
Feb 21: Aural Detritus concert series @ Phoenix gallery (Brighton, UK)
Feb 12: Kukuruku #3 @ Cafe Oto (London, UK)

Dec 19: Soundfjord micro-festival @ The Waiting Room (London, UK)
Nov 10: Athens International Comics Festival  (Athens, GR)
Oct 28: Knot Gallery (Athens, GR)
Sep 22: Reclaiming the past, regaining the real festival @ About (Athens, GR)
May 04: Brombron, duet with Jos Smolders @ HS63 (Brussels, BE)
May 03: Brombron, duets with Jos Smolders & Roel Meelkop @ Extrapool (Nijmegen, NL)
Apr 28: solo & duet with Roel Meelkop @ Villa K (Den Haag, NL)
Apr 27: Implausable Music#1, duet with Roel Meelkop @ Worm (Rotterdam, NL)
Apr 26: Aether: Tones and Talks 12 @ Foundation B.a.d (Rotterdam, NL)
Apr 13: Centras 12 @ Romuva Cinema (Kaunas, LT)
Apr 12: Jauna Muzika @ Contemporary Art Centre (Vilnius, LT)
Mar 16: solo and duet with Marcus Beuter @ Knot Gallery (Athens, GR)
Feb 17: Soundkitchen @ Cafe Ort (Birmingham, UK)
Feb 16: Entr’acte event @ Limehouse Town Hall (London, UK)

Dec 03: Abstr/Akcija, presented by Agharta (Jonava, LT)
Oct 13: Field Fest, presented by Q-02 (Brussels, BE)
Oct 08: Garsu Galerija #2 @ Kulturpolis (Klaipeda, LT)
Sep 13: Knot Gallery (Athens, GR)
Apr 23: Canaletto-Syndrom @ FriedrichstadtZentral (Dresden, DE)
Apr 19: Quite Cue @ Staalplaat (Berlin, DE)
Mar 23: Early nights at the harmonium @ Nixon (Athens, GR)
Jan 15: Athens School of Fine Arts (Athens, GR)

Dec 19: Signals From Outside #19 @ Kooperatif (Istanbul, TR)
Dec 18: solo and collaboration with Islak Kopek @ Gitarcafe (Istanbul, TR)
Dec 16: Early nights at the harmonium @ Nixon (Athens, GR)
Dec 03: post residency concert @ Q-02 (Brussels, BE)
Nov 10: Knot Gallery (Athens, GR)
Oct 29: Electroacoustic Music Days 2010, presented by HELMCA (Corfu, GR)
Oct 23: Athens School of Fine Arts (Athens, GR)
Sep 06: Servataguse Muusika @ East Gallerii (Tallinn, EE)
Sep 04: Balta Nakts 2010 @ Adrejsala (Riga, LV)
Sep 03: Rudens Kvapas, presented by Agharta @ Lab (Kaunas, LT)
Sep 02: Rudens Kvapas, presented by Agharta @ XI20 (Vilnius, LT)
Aug 27: Diletantide Avangarde @ Polymer Culture Factory (Tallinn, EE)
Aug 25: Helikoosolek @ Eesti Rahvi Muuseum, presented by MoKS (Tartu, EE)
May 15: Laptopless, duet with Yiorgos Poulios @ Knot Gallery (Athens, GR)
Apr 24: Geräuschwelten #55 @ Black Box, presented by Auf Abwegen (Muenster, DE)
Apr 23: ARM, Artspace Rondeel Maastricht (Maastricht, NL)
Feb 06: Knot Gallery (Athens, GR)
Jan 24: Field Afternoon, presented by Martiensgohome @ Les Ateliers Claus(Brussels, BE)
Jan 23: (h)ear #13 solo and duet with Pauwel De Buck @  KuS (Heerlen, NL)
Jan 22: Le Vecteur, presented by MNOAD (Charleroi, BE)
Jan 20: Logos (Gent, BE)

Nov 15: Electroacoustic Music Days 2009, presented by HELMCA (Liksouri, GR)
Jun 15: From the Future we come exhibition (Athens, GR)
May 25: Kinky Kong (Athens, GR)
Mar 14: (h)ear #9 @ Kunstencentrum Signe (Heerlen, NL)
Mar 13: Red Sound festival @ Worm (Rotterdam, NL)
Mar 08: Logement (Antwerpen, BE)
Mar 05: Oblo (Lausanne, CH)
Mar 04: Cave 12 @ L’ecuire (Geneva, CH)
Jan 28: CMCR concert  @ Holargos Cultural Centre (Athens, GR)

Oct 10: Long Arms @ Contemporary Arts Museum (Yaroslavl, RU)
Oct 06: Long Arms @ Record (Nizhniy Novgorod, RU)
Oct 05: Long Arms @ Marina Svetaeva museum (Alexandrov, RU)
Oct 03: Aposition festival @ Gallery of Experimental Sound (St. Petersburg, RU)
Oct 02: Long Arms @ Dom (Moscow, RU)
Sep 16: Mir Festival @ Alkmini Theatre (Athens, GR)
May 22: Facta Non Verba (Thessaloniki, GR)
May 16: Electromedia Works (Athens, GR)
Apr 06: Studio 672/Stadtgarten, presented by Auf Abwegen (Cologne, DE)
Apr 04: De Witte Zaal, presented by Odradek (Gent, BE)
Mar 29: Divus gallery, presented by Entr’acte (London, UK)
Mar 28: B-Movie, presented by Hoerbar (Hamburg, DE)
Jan 10: Small Music Theatre (Athens, GR)

Oct 27: Contemporary Music Research Centre concert @ CMCP (Athens, GR)
Oct 20: duet with Demetrius Spaneas @ Pinakothiki Psychari (Athens, GR)
Oct 05: K77, presented by Salon Bruit (Berlin, DE)
May 11: Platformes (Athens, GR)
Apr 04: Small Music Theatre (Athens, GR)
Jan 12: Platformes (Athens, GR)

Dec 08: 7th 2:13 festival, duet with Anastasis Grivas @ Small Music Theatre (Athens, GR)
Nov 23: Small Music Theatre (Athens, GR)
Nov 02: Red Rose Club, presented by Pan (London, UK)
Oct 21: Fountouli Conservatory (Volos, GR)
Sep 26: Forum 06 Sonic Arts and Technology @ Helexpo (Thessaloniki, GR)
Sep 02: Center for Contemporary Music Research concert @ Folk museum (Xanthi, GR)
June 02: duet with Philippos Tsalachouris @ Thession Theatre (Athens, GR)
May 27: Blitzkrieg Over Xanthi @ Folk Museum (Xanthi, GR)
Mar 13: Club Intermediaire (Marseilles, FR)
Mar 10: Rotonde De Choc @ Espaces Jemmapes (Paris, FR)
Feb 09: Small Music Theatre (Athens, GR)

Nov 25: Yuria @ Vinyl Microstore (Athens, GR)
Nov 13: Release @ Mylos (Thessaloniki, GR)
Oct 29: Electroacoustic Music Days 2005, presented by HELMCA (Rethymno, GR)
Oct 09: Worm (Rotterdam, NL)
Oct 08: AudioScoop @ Intro In Situ (Maastricht, NL)
Jul 03: Synch Festival @ Science and Technological park (Lavrio, GR)
Jun 27: Intro Out (Thessaloniki, GR)
Jun 04: 8 Hours, with Nightshift &Anastasis Grivas @ Small Music Theatre (Athens, GR)
Mar 11: Masynergy II @ Polytechnio (Athens, GR)
Jan 29: Electrograph 05 @ the Benaki museum (Athens, GR)

Dec 09: 2:13 Festival @ Small Music Theatre (Athens, GR)
Nov 21: Accion Mutante (Kavala, GR)
Nov 20: Freeteza (Thessaloniki, GR)
Sep 11: Deafntineia festival @ Small Music Theatre (Athens, GR)
Jun 06: duets with Anastasia Eden & Babis Tsilivigos @ Small Music Theatre (Athens, GR)
May 21: Masynergy @ Polytechnio (Athens, GR)
Mar 18: 2nd Alternative Scene Festival @ Entropia theatre (Athens, GR)
Mar 01: Small Music Theatre (Athens, GR)

Dec 04: Small Music Theatre (Athens, GR)
Jul 08: Small Music Theatre (Athens, GR)
May 08: Small Music Theatre (Athens, GR)
Apr 09: Alternative Scene Festival @ Entropia Theatre (Athens, GR)

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