YiorgisSakellariou-FonsetOrigo_1024x1024 Fons et Origo (CD)
Music Information Centre Lithuania (January 2022)

cover Degti (cassette)
Cronica (June 2021)

Auka_01 Auka (mini CD-R)
Taâlem (November 2020)

Nympholepsy---coverNympholepsy (CD)
Noise Below (December 2019)

diapsalmata Diapsalmata – A Collection of Short Works (cassette)
Tanuki Records (June 2018)

in aulis In Aulis (CD)
Unfathomless (February 2018)

stikhiya Stikhiya (cassette)
Cronica (May 2017)

silentiun Silentium (CD)
Pogus Productions (November 2016)

shift Shift (online)
No Type + Panospria (September 2016)

cronica Everything emanating from the sun (online)
Cronica (February 2016)

U24 Klaipėda (CD)
Unfathomless (January 2015)

eter Cueb (mini CD-R)
Eter-Lab (September 2014)

more_mars 41:38 Mecha/Orga (CD-R)
More Mars (August 2014)

IH-2014 30:13 (online)
Impulsive Habitat (February 2014)

summer_afternoon Summer afternoon (online)
Very Quiet Records -Static series (December 2013)

fukushima 36:51_Fukushima (online), with Takanobu Hoshino
Echomusic (October 2013)

brombron Brombron 25: ab-a-b (CD) collaboration with Jos Smolders
Kormplastics (May 2013)

OtO 40:43 (CD-R)
OtO (March 2013)

mv43 Rotterdam 54:21 (CD) collaboration with Roel Meelkop
Monochrome Vision (January 2013)

53-30 53:30 (CD-R)
Very Quiet Records (November 2012)

34-13_ambeliona 34:13_Ambeliona (CD-R)
Triple Bath (November 2012)

18-36 18:36 (mini CD-R)
Orila (July 2012)

40:31 40:31 (online)
Impulsive Habitat (May 2012)

Kukuruku Recordings (November 2011, recorded on April 2007)

ec18 40:49 (CD-R)
Echomusic (November 2010)

27-3627:36 (online)
Green Field Recordings (October 2010)

50-01 50:01 (CD-R)
Echomusic (February 2009)

61-50 61:50 (CD-R)
Triple Bath (October 2008)

56-24 56: 24 (CD)
Absurd (February 2007)

holder Holder (CD-R)
Absurd/A Question Of Re-Entry (July 2006)

from_a_piner From A Piner (CD)
Lab For Electroacoustic Media (October 2005)

a_man_behind_the_door A Man Behind The Door (CD-R)
Echomusic (June 2005)

float Float (CD-R)
Echomusic (October 2004)


taalem2022 Homework – Year 6
Online by Taâlem (2021)

taalem Homework – Year 5
Online by Taâlem (2020)

son VV​.​AA – Sounds Of Nature
Online by Corpus Black (2019)

phonographic mornings Southeast Asia Phonographic Mornings
Online by Each Morning of the World (2019)

sr471 An Anthology of Greek Experimental Electronic Music
Double CD by Sub Rosa (2019)

MV-for Dmitry Monochrome Visions (for Dmitry Vasilyev)
Online by Korm Digitaal (2018)

oto_va OtO VA 2015
Cassette by OtO label (2015)

essim 54 Electroacoustic Miniatures
Double CD by ESSIM/HELMCA (2014)

wld2014 WLD 2014- Fragility
Online compilation by Sonic Terrain (2014)

10427321_10152758728461873_4711376188004246951_n MV X (collaboration with Roel Meelkop)
triple CD by Monochrome Vision (2014)

wld2013 WLD 2013 – Mixture
Online compilation by Sonic Terrain (2013)

framework Framework Seasonal
CD-R by Framework Radio (2011)

heraclis Two days dedicated to electronic sound improvisation Cassette by Heraclis (2011)

a_quiet_position A quiet position – edition one: field fest
Online by Engraved Glass (2011)

e84 E84
CD by Entr’acte (2010)

Audioscoop front Audioscoop
Double LP by Intro in situ (2008)

yuriam Yuria
CD by Vinyl Microstore (2007)

tilt9m 1000+1 TiLt #9 – Urban Folk Songs
CD by 1000+1 TiLt (2005)

ccrm Civil Cinder Regalia – The Akoi Series
CD by Tobruk Recs/Ektopia (2004)

mechanorgym Mechanorgy
CD-R by 1000+1 TiLt (2004)