The Rue of Demeter, performed by Contemporary Music Ensemble Synaesthesis

The Rue of Demeter

Touching at a Distance
Audiovisual miniatures in collaboration with Aistė Ambrazevičiūtė

Sonic Vilnius 2020, interview and documentation of soundwalk

Sonic Vilnius 2020

River Sounds: The Mythology of Eternal Flow in Electroacoustic Composition,
paper presentation at Symposium of New Works and Research into Contemporary Composers (Department of Ethnomusicology, Nanhua University, Taiwan)

Sonic Vilnius 2019 documentation of soundwalk

Sonic Vilnius 2019

Field Recording Art lecture/workshop at Kirtimų Kultūros Centras, Vilnius

Field Recording Art

Kūrybos Laboratorija interview

Kūrybos Laboratorija

Mind Sharpener: Music VS Sound art lecture at IdeasBlock creative space, Vilnius

Music “Vs” Sound Art